dimanche 11 novembre 2012

Fleurs de papier

This is my new creation for Sybarite....
Fleur de Papier - Paper flowers

All handmade ^^


mardi 30 octobre 2012

My little Nyonya

Just to share with you my real "little nyonya"Oona.
Photoshooting in The Blue Mansion in Penang ^^

dimanche 30 septembre 2012

new outfit for Aishwarya

Finally I finished the outfit inspired by the indian gipsy girls
 I've remember when i was in india 15 years ago :)
A mix of Rabari & Kutchi girls costume.

All handmade even the jewelry :)

Lot of work  ! Specially the hundred bias and sequins for the jacket !!!

samedi 22 septembre 2012


OOAK handmade outfit set of 11 pieces.
For Fr Nippon, nu face, Dynamite Girls....

The set consist of : 
scarf, flowers headband, basket with surprises inside, corset belt, 
warmers, Blouse, lace apron, skirt.....


....panties and stockings :)

lundi 3 septembre 2012

La Chambre de Blanche

Cela faisait quelques temps que je n'avais pas sorti Blanche ....
A cause de la vente du scalp de la MissSallyRice (sa perruque d'origine est bleu/vert), 
je me suis prise au jeu de lui recreer sa chambre 
avec une autre perruque....reste a lui refaire son faceup !

Long time never play with Blanche...
Because I've sell the MSR wig, I've play to recreate a new room !
She needs also a new faceup, but I'll see later !
Too much to do ...

mercredi 25 juillet 2012

Aishwarya , indian girl

In the Hindu religion this is one of the names of the goddess Lakshmi.
BJD from Iplehouse, Asa model in tan color.
I just come back from Little India with my shopping on fabrics, jewelry to make wonderful outfit ....
See next time....:)
Faceup by me :)

mercredi 22 février 2012

Costume d'alsacienne

J'ai commencé à faire le costume d'Alsacienne pour ma fille....
J'ai mis 2 jours pour faire le plastron brodé avec perles, sequins et fil d'or mais je n'ai toujours pas finie.....mais je suis sure que le résultat sera bien :)

I started to make a folk costume for my daughter : a typical Alsace outfit.

This "plastron" take me 2 days and it's not finish....but I think the result would be great :)

Et voila le resultat :)
And here's the final shot :)

wearing by my daugther Oona :)