mardi 10 août 2010

After shock

Film chinois de Feng Xiaogang

Hier, je suis allee voir ce film chinois avec une provision de mouchoirs ,bien entendu.
Magnifiquement tourne avec effet speciaux ! L'histoire d'une famille detruite, qui se retrouve 30 ans apres...

Based on the Tangshan Earthquake in 1976, Li Ni returns home only to find out that her 7-year-old twins are buried under the debris. She's left with a dilemma on deciding whom she chooses to save, her son, Fonda or her daughter, Fan Teng. She chooses to save her son in the end without knowing that Fan Teng overheard the decision being made. Miraculously, she manages to survive but suffers from the painful memory of her mother's decision. Later, a young couple adopts her but she remains traumatised by this childhood experience.

Very emotional movie.Tissue anyone ?

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